Top 15 Screen Recording Software for Windows Reviewed

I know many of you like to record movies, stream video, games, shows and other activities that may take place on your screen, well, I’m one of them but how to do it is still quite a big challenge to many of you, yet you feel like you can’t wait any more because there’s a lot you have probably missed out recording, simply because you did not know the way forward.  If you’re among those people that actually don’t know what to do with the situation, then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to mention the best screen recorders you can use to do exactly that effectively; let’s get started already.

Obviously capturing screen shots or record screen video on PC  can’t be done alone without any extra software. You need third party software to support it, it’s the only way you can quickly grab a screen shot of a specific area on your screen and then immediately share it with your friends on different sites such as YouTube, Facebook etc.  So, below, we have gathered the best screen recorder software for windows that can have you covered whenever you’re ready to use it.

screen recording software


Icecream Screen Recorder

My favorite thing about icecream screen recorder is that you can draw, add shapes and icons while you’re recording, this is a handy feature if you are creating a tutorial that you want to draw attention to a specific area on the screen. It’s easy to use as you can capture screen video and screenshots as well.

However, the free version only allows you to record for 5 minutes, so if you plan on recording something longer than that, then you have to stop your 5 minutes and start a new one. If you are looking for a screen recorder to do a short tutorial, then this will get the job done.


  • Can both record & take screenshots


  • Limited to 5 minutes


BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express is another popular screen recording software for windows. The tool has a video editor but with only a few options like adding a crop or changing the mouse cursor highlights, if you want to do things like add texts and sound, then you will have to get its pro version which is paid for but worth it.

If you just want an easy to use screen recorder that will get started quickly, then Flashback is an excellent choice


  • It is watermark free
  • Does not give a hard time to record


  • Free version has limited video editing features


iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam Is a completely free screen recording tool that allows you to record as much as you want. You can create training videos; demonstrate your services and much more. With this software, it’s extremely easy to select the areas you want to record.

You can select the standard aspect ratio or select any portion you would like to record on screen. You can record your microphone, system audio or both, as well as choose whether not to show or highlight your mouse and even enable simultaneously click sounds when you press the mouse button.


  • Easy to share videos


  • Doesn’t favour Mac users


TinyTake for Windows

One thing I know by using Tinaytake is that it’s pretty fast. There’s no lagging and it has got a simple interface which is easy to understand. It allows you to export your video as an MP4. You also have the option to connect your YouTube and directly upload it to the site.

One disadvantage about this tool is that it doesn’t notify you when recording and has no editing features when recording unless you pay for the pro version, if you plan on doing a screen recording and not adding any annotations, then Tinytake becomes an excellent option.


  • It’s simple to understand


  • The tool is not laggy


OBS Studio

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software is too powerful to be a free recorder; you can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac. It supports grabbing screen captures for audio and video as well as video recording.

Since its FPS can be set up to 60, you can record multiple sources simultaneously and if you are the video hardcore gamer, you can even stream with it. The video can be exported in FLV or MP4 and size is quite small. Nevertheless, it doesn’t come with many video editing features.


  • No watermarks added
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac


  • It’s a little tricky to set up


Camtasia Studio for Windows

Camtasia Studio is another famous free screen recorder on windows. It has a really simple interface that can be handled by anyone and records screen, webcam and video in high quality.

However, the tool doesn’t come with editing options. Also, when it comes to its recording options, you can only export in swf & .avi.  If video recording is your priority and editing is not necessary, Camstudio is recommended.


  • Only exports video in SWF &.AVI
  • Supports recording video in picture-in-picture


  • The pro version is a bit costly


Ezvid for Windows

Ezvid lets you create awesome videos, slight shows and even screencast in a minute, to get started, go to to download and install Ezvid software on windows.

Creating a video with this software is as easy as dragging and dropping photos from your photos of video from your computer to Ezvids timeline, its free and fully featured video editor that includes this kind of functionality, simply click the screen capture button and get started if you would like to try it out for your screen video recording.


  • Easy to upload video on YouTube


  • 45mins of recording
  • For Windows only


ShareX Screen Recorder


ShareX is one of the most advanced and feature-rich screen capture programmes although a bit more complicated than the rest and it’s only available for windows. With this software you can quickly take screenshots of your full screen, active window or monitor, web page or custom area on your screen.

You can also add annotations, drawings and high lights to your screenshots, as well as possible to blur the things or parts you don’t want to share on various websites.


  • Can capture custom area, full screen & app window
  • Uploads videos automatically
  • Allows you to include captions, highlights etc


  • Only for windows
  • Not so easy to set up


Bandicam Screen Recorder

This is one that comes through pretty high righted and got some cool features as well specifically for gaming. It allows you to have picture in picture from your webcam so that you can have your cell phone screen while recording your screen. It has a free version but it’s limited to 10 minutes.

However, if you want to get unlimited record time and some cool features like annotations, record webcam and bring it as picture in picture, so you can share both on screen as well as draw out things while recording, then you might have to get the pro version.


  • Has an annotation


  • Watermarks videos




Are you looking for an affordable tool for capturing your screen, recording your webcam and editing videos? Screencast is the answer. It starts recording right away and doesn’t require you to sign up first.

You can record the computer audio from windows only and records video up to 15minutes long; you can drag or resize the frame to record any part of your PC. You can choose your microphone to narrate your video and all the actions in the video will be captured, also it’s easy to pause, resume, preview or restart any of your recordings and save them on YouTube or desktop.


  • Supports zooming


Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is great for creating tutorial you can post on online sites like YouTube, for game streaming and more.  The tool will allow you to make a basic recording on your windows. You can make a recording from video capture with the webcam or any other video device.

Making a recording of your screen is even easier, you can minimize the size of the screen capture and to do this, just make sure you are in screen recording mode. It also allows you to schedule a webcam recording either, one day or more than one.


  • Schedule recording
  • Adds captions to video


  • Free version is limited


CamStudio Screen Recorder

Camstudio is a free open source and good program screen recorder for windows. It’s one of the most popular ones in the market and easy to use. Very simple tool and can be moved to anywhere on your screen.

It gives you three recording format options, for example, mp4, avi and swf, unless you have a particular reason to choose otherwise, set it to mp4 and leave it there. It comes with a region option which allows you to choose what portion of your desktop to record in, there’s, window, full screen etc. Try it to find out how it works.


  • Free software
  • Records in HD


  • Lacks video editing tools


SmartPixel for Windows


SmartPixel is video screen recording software used on windows. It has got a stylish interface which makes your recording sessions exciting and comes super handy, with this recorder you can make a full video, screenshot your videos or pictures as well as search for online audio and music, in case you want to make your screen video appear unique from the rest that people upload.

Surprisingly, you don’t even have to worry about the quality of the sounds, it will audible enough, so why not try out this software.


  • Add audio & music to videos
  • Records in high quality


Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is lightweight and does not have time limitations in recording, it allows users to record screenshots and when it comes to video recording, you have all the options to either only record a region, webcam, or around the audio of your screen, the ball is always in your hands once you start using this tool. Hence, you can too; schedule a recording by providing the time or the date you would want your recording to take place.


  • Provides more than one recording formats like, mp3 and wmv etc
  • Can capture microphone
  • You can schedule both screen video recording and screen captures


  • Apowersoft has got fake buttons that confuses


TalkHelper Screen Recorder for Windows

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

TalkHelper Screen Recorder ( is one of the most known recording software on windows. It can never get easier with this tool since everything about it is clear and readable.

This app allows you to record your screen from webcam and you can also edit recorded videos to any standard you would want them to be. It comes with a free version which will grant you 14 days of recording without any functional limitation, and the pro version which is lifetime.

The main difference with the 2 versions is that, the paid one will let you record forever which is not the case with the free one. Furthermore, TalkHelper, enables you to share your recorded video on various sites.


  • Records full screen/just parts of your PC
  • Can capture both audio & video
  • Effortlessly takes screenshots of PC


  • Free version is limited to only 14 days
  • Not compatible with Mac